Donations for FLY & HELP

Your contribution for a better education in developing countries

With your support, FLY & HELP can provide a better education to many children worldwide. Every Euro you donate goes exclusively to the projects. The Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP can make a big difference even with a small contribution.

We pass on 100% of all incoming funds, without deducting  administrative, advertising or organisational costs All costs are covered privately by Reiner Meutsch or by sponsors.

We also monitor the correct use of the funds. We work exclusively with trustworthy, local organisations.

 Please donate and give children a better future!

We are a non-profit foundation.

You can find our exemption notice here.

Our donation accounts

Westerwald Bank eG

IBAN: DE94 5739 1800 0000 0055 50

Commerzbank AG

IBAN: DE35 5108 0060 0012 2993 00

Sparkasse Saarbrücken

IBAN: DE40 5905 0101 0616 6666 16

About PayPal

Be aware: If you donate via PayPal, PayPal will deduct 1.5% + 0.35 Euro fees from the donated amount!

Make an easy, fast and secure payment with PayPal online.

Click here for a donation via PayPal

Please enter your name and full address on the remittance slip or in the PayPal text box so that we can issue you a donation receipt.  If the address is incomplete, we are not able to issue a donation receipt for tax  purposes.

For donations of 50 Euros or more, you will automatically receive a donation receipt by post within two months after the transfer.

As a general rule – for Germany – amounts up to 200 Euros can also be claimed by the tax office without a donation receipt For this purpose, you need a proof of a cash deposit or a  transfer confirmation  by a/your bank (e.g. in form of a bank statement) as well as the following attached exemption text (Section 50 para. 2 no. 2b EStDV) of the FOUNDATION FLY & HELP, which you can download  here


In the case of a regular donation, e.g. by standing order, you will receive the donation receipt at the end of January for the previous year.

Would you like to claim your donation for the current year? Then please keep in mind that there are not many working days at the end of December on which bank transfers are made. The date of receipt into our donation account will determine the donation receipt. It is therefore best to transfer before the Christmas holidays.

The donation receipt for November/December will be sent from 20th January.

For companies

If you, as a company, would like to be involved in a good cause please contact us on

If you are interested in financing the construction of an entire school,  we are happy to help you find a suitable project.

Helping via charity text message / SMS

Support quickly and sustainably on the go!

This works only in Germany:

Simply send us a text message/ an SMS to the speed dial 81190 with the password Schulbau .

We will send you a message free of charge immediately  to confirm that your donation  has arrived.

On your next mobile phone bill or your prepaid balance you will be charged €5 plus your mobile operator's standard messaging fees . For every SMS over 5 € the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP receives 4,83 €.

Thank you very much for your help!

Please note:

Unfortunately, no donation receipt can be issued for a donation via SMS. Please also be aware that not all mobile operators/providers support charity SMS or "mobile payments". (For example, prepaid or business phones may have issues.) In this case, please contact your mobile operator directly.

Collecting donations on Facebook

With just a few clicks, you can also launch and promote a fundraiser on Facebook (and promote it on the social network.) By doing so you and your friends and acquaintances, can give children around the world a better future.

You and your supporters can make donations by credit card and PayPal, quick and easy. Facebook offers fundraisers free of charge. Fly & Help receives 100% of the collected donations.

The following link will lead you directly to a form for creating your own fundraiser. Facebook explains all necessary steps.

Start your fundraiser on Facebook now!

The DZI Donation Seal of Approval

The donation seal of Approval of the German Central Institute for Social Issues  (DZI) is the seal of approval for trustworthy donation organizations.

The DZI certifies FLY & HELP by awarding this seal for

  • a careful and trustworthy handling of all donations entrusted to us
  • Approved transparency and efficiency
  • a statutory use of funds
  • conclusive and audited accounting
  • clear, true, objective and open advertising and public relations.

Gift certificate - Giving donations as a present

What do you give to someone who already has everything? Our tip is to simply give kindness and compassion with a donation.

Donate to FLY & HELP, print out your gift certificate, and fill it in yourself: