Eligibility criteria

Sustainability, Transparancy and Trust

A reliable, secure  and transparent distribution of the funds is the base for the sponsors’ trust in the work of the Foundation. We therefore work exclusively with local partner organisations, who already have many years of experience of working in the region and who are constantly monitoring the construction work on site.

The projects funded by FLY & HELP are subject to strict selection criteria:

  • The foundation’s team research, assess and select the eligible projects individually
  • Each project is managed by a trusted person on site.
  • Regular project reports proof the progress of the construction work
  • The project-related use of the donations must be disclosed continuously.
  • The projects are based on the basic idea of "help for self-help".

Sustainability must be guaranteed (e.g. official approval and funding of teachers' salaries by the government).

It is important to  Reiner Meutsch to visit the funded projects on site and to check on  the progress of the construction or to inaugurate the schools himself. During his trips  he also looks at other eligible projects.

100% of all donations are invested in our schooling  projects, as all administrative costs of the foundation are paid by Reiner Meutsch himself  or by sponsors.