About us

His journey was adventure as much as aid project and his heart’s desire.

Reiner Meutsch, former managing partner of the tour operator Berge & Meer, fulfilled a lifelong dream by exchanging his desk for the cockpit of a small plane to fly around the world . In January 2010, the manager from the Westerwald region became the tenth German to take off in  a small plane to fly around the world, also visiting and supporting aid projects in Ghana, Rwanda, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

In order to support such projects, he founded the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP in 2009.

"I have travelled a lot during my professional career. Then, touristic marketing was the main focus. But many dream destinations do not offer dream working and living conditions to the locals. I find it particularly tragic when children do not have access to education – and therefore no perspective," says Reiner Meutsch. "That's why I supported projects to build schools for children whilst flying around the world."

The main objective of FLY & HELP is to promote education. With the help of donations, we are primarily building new schools in developing countries. The five projects during Reiner Meutsch's circumnavigation of the world were just the beginning of a long-term education campaign by the Foundation.

To date, more than 650 school projects have already been realised  with a total funding of approx. 34 million Euros. The new buildings will enable many thousands of children in Africa, Asia and Latin America to attend school and lay the foundation for a future where they make their own decisions and they can plan for themselves. Details can be found under "Projects".